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Modern Age Comic Book Balance of Collection Lot of (6,000+) with (2,500) Autographed Issues

Lot Number 1149

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Go big and go home with this humongous Modern Age comic book "balance of collection" hoard. This far reaching throng of comics dates from the 1980s to present and includes an incredible total of (6,000+) issues in average (VF-NM to NM-MT) condition with 5% lesser. Even more incredible is that (2,500+) comics are autographed with average ("8" to "10") strength by a vast array of upper echelon artists and writers from powerhouse publishers Marvel and DC, along with a considerable quantity of independents.


Some of the many titles and character that are found in this late Bronze Age to recent Modern Age collection are: Thanos, Secret War, Infinity War, Infinity Crisis, Civil War, Heroes for Hire, Deadpool, Iron Man, The Punisher, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Justice League, Captain America, Aquaman, The Defenders, Halo, G.I. Joe, Irredeemable, Ex Machina, Swamp Thing, Teen Titans, Flash, The Avengers, Archie, Zorro, Zombie Proof, Strangers in Paradise, Lone Ranger, Thief of Thieves, Godzilla, Goon, Thor, Green Arrow, Jack of Fables, Black Panther, Green Lantern, Green Hornet, X-Men, Nightwing and lots more.


A very small sampling of the incredible number of comics signed by prominent artists and writers included in this massive collection are:


Thanos: #1, #2 both signed by Jim Starlin
Civil War: #2C "Spider-Man Unmasked" cover signed by Steve McNiven
Heroes for Hire: #2, #3 both signed by Billy Tucci/Jimmy Palmiotti/Mark Sparacio
Secret War: #1, #2, 33, #4, #5 signed by Brian Michael Bendis/Gabrielle Dell
Secret War From the Files of Nick Fury: #1 signed by Bendis/Dell
Infinity: #2 signed by Jonathan Hickman
Infinity Crisis: #1, #2 both signed by George Perez; #3 signed by Perez and two others; #5 signed by Mark Millar; #7 signed by Bendis
Avengers Series 7: #6 signed by Mark waid; #66 signed by Geoff Johns/Oliver Copiel/George Lanning
Mighty Avengers: #1 signed by Frank Cho; #3 signed by Bendis
The Avengers Series 7: #7 signed by Dan Slott with sketch
The New Avengers: #27, #28 both signed by Bendis; #39 signed by David Mack
The Atom: #1 signed by Mark Waid
New Avenger Series 2: #1 signed by Bendis/Brian Reed/Alex Maleev
The Brave and the Bold: #28 signed by S. Michael Straczynski; #31 signed by Straczynski/Chad HArdin
Captain America Series 4: #4 signed by Peter Cassaday; #17 signed by John Romita, Jr/Dave Gibbons; #18 signed by Gibbons
Captain America Series 5: #14, #32 both signed by Steve Epting
Flash Series 2: #207 signed by Geoff Johns
Green Arrow: #1 signed by Mike Grell
Green Arrow Series 2: #1 signed by Matt Wagner/Andre Parks
Green Hornet Year 1: #2, #3 both signed Wagner
Hulk: #1, #2 both signed by Ron Garney
Iron Man Series 3: #1 signed by Sean Chen, #4 signed by Adi Granov
Thor: #350 with Beta Ray Bill appearance signed by Walt Simonson
Thor Man of War: #1 signed by Matt Fraction
Thor Vikings: #5 signed by Garth ennis
Thor Volume 3: #1 signed by Oliver Copiel/J.M. Stracynski/Mark Morales
Ultimate X-Men: #1 signed by Mark Millar; #34 signed by David Finch; #35 signed by Bendis/Finch
House of M: #3, #7 both signed by Bendis/Copiel
Spider-Man House of M: #3 signed by Mark Waid
52: Week 2 signed by Geoff Johns/Mark Waid/George Rucks; Week 6 signed by Waid/Johns/Rucks/J.G. Jones
Ex Machina: #38 signed by Tony Harris
Gray Hulk: #2 signed by Jeph Loeb/Tim Sale
Indestructible Hulk: #8 signed by Walt Simonson; #14, #15 both signed by Mark Waid
Hulk "Who Shot Bruce Banner": #1 signed by Jeff Bagley/Waid
Totally Awesome Hulk: #1 signed by Frank Cho
Iron Man: #18 "Agents of Shield" variant cover signed by actress Ming-Na Wen
Martian Man-Hunter: #24 signed by John Ostrander
Stangers in Paradise: #6, #25 both signed by Terry Moore
Winter Soldier "Winter Kills": #1 signed by ed Brubaker
Deadpool: #54 signed by Jimmy Palmiotti; #55 signed by Palmiotti/Tim Bradstreet
Flash Series 2: #0 signed by Mike Wieringo/Mark Waid/Jose Marzan Jr; #85 signed by Waid; #205 signed by George Perez
Green Lantern Series 3: #81, #100, #101 all signed by Ron Marz; #138 signed by Judd Winnick/Rodney Ramos
Green Lantern Series 4: #1G signed by Geoff Johns/Ethan Van Sciver
Legends of the DC Universe: #7 signed by Denny O/Greg Land
Green Lantern vs Aliens: #1 signed by Marz/Mike Perkins
Punisher War Journal: #8, #10 both signed by MAtt Fraction
Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe signed by Garth Ennis/Steve Dillon
Joker: Last Laugh signed by walt Simonson
Avengers/JLA: #3, #4 both signed by Kurt Busiek/George Perez
JLA Classified: #1 signed by Dexter Vines/Ed McGuinness; #34 signed by Dan Slott
JLA 1,000,000 signed by Howard Porter
Justice League Adventures: #4, #6 both signed by Slott
Justice: #1, #2 both signed by Alex Ross
JLA: #32 signed by Adam Hughes
Justice League International: #11, #13 both signed by Kevin Maguire
Fantastic Four: #334 signed by walt Simonson; #583, #584, #585, #586 all signed by Steve Epting
G.I. Joe: #1, #5 signed by Josh Blaylock/Steve Kurth/John Larter
Godzilla Kingdom of the Monsters: #2 signed by Eric Powell
Marvel Knights 4: #1, #6 Mark Morales
Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes: #21 signed by Mark Waid/Barry Kitson/Tony Bedard
Teen Titans Series 3: #9 signed by Mike McKone
The Thing: #1 signed by Dan Slott
The Goon: #7, #8 both signed by Eric Powell
The Traveler: #3 signed by Chad Hardin
Aquaman Series 7: #1 signed by Geoff Johns
Nightwing: #3 signed by Chuck Dixon/Scott McDaniel; Limited Series #2 signeed by Denny O'Neil
Black Panther Volume 2: #1, #3 both signed by Christopher Priest/Mark Texiera; #8 signed by Jimmy Palmiotti
Chew: #1, #3 both signed by John Layman/Rob Guillory
The Defenders Limited Series: #1 signed by Kevin Maguire
Y the Last Man: #6, #7 both signed by Brian Caughan/Jose Marzan Jr/J.G. Jones
Zorro: #7 signed by Matt Wagner
Dark Tower: #1 signed by Pete David


This list of signed issues, while representative of the titles, characters, writers and artists featured througout this extensive hoard, it is still just a sampling. Many of the famous titles noted are present in partial runs of signed/unsigned issues and certainly include many #1 inaugural issues, variants and key appearance issues. Also noted among the sixty-plus comic book short boxes comprising this lot, is a box full of hardcover books/graphic novels and during the examination of this hoard, the occassional trade paperback was noted. As noted above, both comic book and autograph quality are at top levels and it is estimated that the break value for the lot exceeds $50,000 at fair market value. Literally weighing in at a ton, this lot is going to cost a good bit to ship and local pick-up at our Maryland facility is recommended. 

This is the last of 9 large lots of comic books from the Michael Solof collection that are being offered in our current auction. All of these lots feature high grade comics, with a good number that are signed. Solof, who worked at Geppi's Entertainment Museum in Baltimore as the "Collection and Exhibits Manager", has stated that he personally acquired the autographs directly from the artists and writers. Please see our Americana/Comics category to review this collection. 

Due to considerable weight, this lot will incur a significant shipping fee.

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